Developer: Dinnae Ken Game

Jamoween 2021 Entry

Game Type: Puzzle


When you wake up in the  morning,

And a bell gives out a warning,

I don’t think you’re going to make it on time…

As a lonely graveyard keeper, you are rudely awoken by a bell… a grave bell! Could someone have been buried alive? You need to remember the sound of the bell that woke you up and try  to figure out which grave has that bell. Once you have it figured out, you need to dig up the grave and… let’s just hope you got it right!

You only get one shot at digging up a grave, so wrong or right, once you’ve dug up a  grave, press ESCAPE to restart the game anew.

Made for the IGS Jamoween II – The Jammening game jam over a period of 8 days, for the theme Buried Alive!

Made in Unity. Blender was used for the 3D assets. A few other pieces were sourced (due to time constraints, honest!)

Credit goes out to my twitch chat for help with ideas and coding, and especially PetShopGal!