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What is Indie Game Squad?

If you’re an indie game dev you most likely have a dozen or so unfinished games sitting on your hard drive and yet you’ve just started a fresh project, right?! Well Indie Game Squad was born out of a need to keep people motivated and focused on their game projects. It has been set up to encourage people who may be interested in making games but aren’t sure where to start to come and meet other designers and developers. It has come together as a way to discuss topics and ideas in the indie game world (or outside of it, we’re not strict), to collaborate and help other game folk.  Indie Game Squad runs monthly meetups for indie game developers, artists, players and enthusiasts (pop along, it’s free.)

”We wanted somewhere that we could discuss our games, share our techniques, get feedback on our ideas and share the games we make with the world.”

Indie Game Squad has long been an idea, and that idea is finally coming together… Read More

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What Are We Planning?


Regular Meetups

We currently meet on the last Friday of every month to discuss ideas, techniques, game engines, games and general development and design stuff. We show off our games and progress and offer help with anything people may be stuck on… come along, it’s free!


Game Jams

We plan on having a couple of game jams each year starting with the 7 day remote Squid Jam in March! If you’ve never entered a Jam now’s your chance, find more details at urlgoesherwiththelink



For those who like pubs, we will be doing some beer based gaming down the line (you’re welcome Richard), stay tuned for details…



Interested in learning how to make games? Or create the artwork used in games? Or the animation? Or anything related to the world of interactive media? Well we will be offering something for everyone soon, check back for details in a week or two…

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