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Game Jam 192 Episode 5

Game Jam 192 Episode 5

Game Jam 192 is back, here’s what you need to know. April 12th – 27th 6pm Friday 12th April – 12 noon Saturday 27th April The theme of the jam will be provided by variety streamer and lover of games from all decades, Pedro Panache. There’ll actually be a selection of themes that you get…

Indie Game Squad Presents 12 Seconds of Christmas Game Jam

12 Seconds of Christmas Game Jam

Create a ‘Festive’ themed game that has a maximum 12 second play time… that’s it!
Make it a high-score or or achievement based game for more of a challenge.
Usually for mini games like this you’d find a lot bunched into one main game, but we’re just looking for you to make 1, fun, amazing game! (or you can make lots of mini games and submit them all…. as long as they are all 12 seconds or less playtime.))

Jamoween 3 - children of the jam - A game jam that runs from the 21st to 29th October 2022

Jamoween 3 – children of the jam

Jamoween is back for it’s 3rd outing!
The Seventh Game Jam from Indie Game Squad!

This annual Jamoween Game Jam will be held over an 8 day period, or if you prefer 192 hours, starting at 2pm (GMT) on Friday the 21st of October and closing on Saturday the 29th October with all entries needing to be submitted by 2pm (GMT). Once submissions have closed you will have until 4pm on Sunday the 30th of October to play and vote on all of the other entries.

Entries will remain hidden until the deadline at 4pm on the 30th.