Urning a Living

In this game death is not the end it is just the beginning of someone’s job, this being Kevin the Crematorium Worker. Help Kevin process the incoming coffins and deliver the ashes of their loved ones to the mourners.


Connect Critical organs using veins in this mini metro inspired strategy game.

God's Away Today - Strange High House

God’s Away Today

God’s taken a day off and left you in charge! Follow the rules and send those from the after life to the correct resting place simple right?

Total Shambles

This arcade survival/runner game see’s the anti-hero trying to escape a baying mob by dogging bear traps, eating brains and screeching at the mob to slow their chase. Made in 5 days for the Indie Game Squad Jamoween Game Jam.

Once Bitten

Grim has employed the services of VWZ Ltd to collect souls for his friends party. You choose your monster and set off on the mission that Grim phones into you.

The Fight for Valhalla

Play as the norse warrior Ingirun, as she fights alongside her brothers for the glory of Valhalla.

Endsong by Lakedead

(Jamoween) EndSong Game Concept

Developer: LakeDeadJamoween 2020 Entry Game Type: Concept Overview:LakeDead created a game concept with a rock-paper-scissors style of combat system and some great looking art work. The game play was minimal, but the developer is looking to carry on developing the game further. Play on Itch Play all Of The Jamoween 2020 Entries Here >>

Stikkz Media

Mixed Media Streamer – Twitch A mixed media streamer. Schedule Monday to Friday: 7am – 9am – Art, Design and Creative streams Monday: 9:30pm – 11:30pm – Playing Games Saturday: 12 noon – 3pm – Creative, Video, Animation and Game Dev Saturday: 10am – 2pm – Creative, Video, Animation and Game Dev *Schedule subjet to…

Run, Grizzly!

Run, Grizzly!

Run, Grizzly is an independent game developer currently working on ‘First Year’ – A Wizarding School Roguelike.