buried olive

Buried Olive

A selection of mini games that will test your finger dexterity through jumping, dancing, shooting and grappling.

saved by the bell

Saved By The Bell

As a lonely graveyard keeper, you are rudely awoken by a bell… a grave bell! Could someone have been buried alive? You need to remember the sound of the bell that woke you up…

Snow Joke

Snow Joke

In this game you have to out run the avalanche avoiding various hazards, should you get buried alive you then have the chance to escape the avalanche and carry on skiing, How high a score can you get

Brar Hates Fish

Brar Hates Fish

Crabs need to eat! Brar’s favourite reef is full of big, tasty fish… with big, tasty eyeballs!

Urning a Living

In this game death is not the end it is just the beginning of someone’s job, this being Kevin the Crematorium Worker. Help Kevin process the incoming coffins and deliver the ashes of their loved ones to the mourners.


Connect Critical organs using veins in this mini metro inspired strategy game.

God's Away Today - Strange High House

God’s Away Today

God’s taken a day off and left you in charge! Follow the rules and send those from the after life to the correct resting place simple right?

Total Shambles

This arcade survival/runner game see’s the anti-hero trying to escape a baying mob by dogging bear traps, eating brains and screeching at the mob to slow their chase. Made in 5 days for the Indie Game Squad Jamoween Game Jam.

Once Bitten

Grim has employed the services of VWZ Ltd to collect souls for his friends party. You choose your monster and set off on the mission that Grim phones into you.