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Stikkz Media

Stikkz Media is the gaming branch of AJF Web Design, an interactive media and graphic design business with 9 years industry experience. Stikkz Media focuses on indie game development, designing, building, and publishing HTML5 games across multiple platforms.

HTML5 games are an amazing tool for creating user engagement and growing your brand. Many leading brands have made millions from HTML 5 games and Stikkz Arcade Games can make it easy, and affordable, for you to add them to your platform.

Stikkz Arcade is dedicated to developing and producing HTML5 games and making them available to a global audience. Contact me today to become a valued partner.


If you are interested in licensing any of the Stikkz Arcade games, we currently offer Non Exclusive licensing for all games published on
For non exclusive licensing, please get in touch using the contact form provided, or directly on