Game Jam 192 Episode 2

game jam 192 episode 2

The third Game Jam from Indie Game Squad! Game Jam 192: Episode 2 will be held over an 8 day period (or 192 hours, see, see what I did… again.) starting at 12 noon (GMT) on Friday the 2nd of April and closing on Saturday the 10th April with all entries needing to be submitted by 12…

Jamoween from Indie Game Squad

Jamoween 2020 – The Aftermath

Jamoween… you are outta here The first Jamoween from Indie Game Squad has come to an end. After 8 days of art, sounds and programming the entries were submitted and the judgments were passed From the 17 signups there were 7 final submissions, all available on for public play, for those of you who…

127 hours

127 Hours… no not that one

So with 127 hours gone where are we at? I think we’re looking good, the royal we, and although work has been continuing, with sporadic updates hitting the discord channel from various teams, the chatter has been a bit quieter. Now maybe it’s because we’re trying to fit work…

Gary's Boids are misbehaving

60 hours in – Game Jam 192

We’re are well and truly into the game jam now, a little under the 62 hour mark. As with any jam some people are further on than others, some have swapped ideas a few times but I think it seems to be going well. So without further ado here’s a quick look at some of the progress that’s been achieved… #game-jam-192