Indie Game Squad Presents 12 Seconds of Christmas Game Jam

12 Seconds of Christmas Game Jam

Create a ‘Festive’ themed game that has a maximum 12 second play time… that’s it!
Make it a high-score or or achievement based game for more of a challenge.
Usually for mini games like this you’d find a lot bunched into one main game, but we’re just looking for you to make 1, fun, amazing game! (or you can make lots of mini games and submit them all…. as long as they are all 12 seconds or less playtime.))

127 hours

127 Hours… no not that one

So with 127 hours gone where are we at? I think we’re looking good, the royal we, and although work has been continuing, with sporadic updates hitting the discord channel from various teams, the chatter has been a bit quieter. Now maybe it’s because we’re trying to fit work…